Affordable technology-powered diagnostics for Africa

Ilara Health makes common diagnostics accessible and affordable to the 500 million people in Africa who today struggle to access even basic blood tests.

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We bring tests patients need. Directly to the doctors office.

We partner with companies using robotics and AI to lower the cost of diagnostics, integrate their devices into our tech platform, and sell this bundle to doctors with financing.

Our Solution

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AI and tech-powered diagnostic equipment

Our devices cost a fraction of what typical devices cost and doctors pay only 10-20% upfront with financing partners covering 80-90% via loans.

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Faster access to the tests doctors need

Tests are completed in the doctor’s office with results available in less than 10 minutes.

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Software to digitise the doctor's office

Our software layer links the diagnostic devices with an electronic medical record (EMR) system, records all patient history and sends customised health tips and reminders to patients based on their condition.

Benefits for doctors

Better Care:

Treatment based on evidence not guesswork

Faster turnaround time:

Results in 10 minutes vs. 1-2 days

More revenue:

Broader test range using FDA/CE approved devices previously not available

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Benefits for patients

Affordable tests:

Costs less than in traditional labs

Faster turnaround time:

Do not spend time and money visiting far away labs

More revenue:

Patient records are stored for higher quality follow-up visits

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Ilara Health Customer

Dr. Boniface Ndamiano, Bodaki Medical Centre

Ilara Health helped me acquire new diagnostic equipment at a much lower price. I can now offer more tests, make more money and most importantly, offer better care to my patients.

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We focus on what matters

Our diagnostics target the conditions that cause 80% of patient visits to primary care clinics.

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The biggest killers in Africa but are largely preventable with accurate, timely diagnosis and treatment.

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Non-communicable diseases

Diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease affect 20%+ of Kenyan adults.

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Maternal and child care

Africa has the world's worst maternal and newborn health outcomes, but many new promising innovations exist.

Our team

Ilara Health was founded by entrepreneurs and investors with multidisciplinary skills in medicine, distribution, software and sales.

CEO, Co-founder

Emilian Popa

Former MD at Rocket Internet. 10+ years of launching, growing and exiting 20+ tech ventures in Africa and globally. Columbia MBA.

COO, Co-founder

Amaan Banwait

Former GM of Werlabs (diagnostics start-up in the UK), HIV/AIDS scale up at the Clinton Foundation and Bain consultant. Wharton MBA.

VP Sales, Co-founder

Hannes Eckmayr

Former Sales VP for Pawame (off-grid solar company in Kenya), has built 150+ people sales team in difficult geographies. MSc and BSc.

CTO, Co-founder

Daniel Nordberg

Former CTO of (blockchain music platform) and former CTO of Hyperweek (now Elium, a social network in Switzerland).

Medical Director

Dr. Matiko Riro

Kenyan doctor, former consultant to World Bank, Lancet Labs, Kenya’s Ministry of Health. MD, MSc, PhD Candidate.

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