Affordable technology-powered
diagnostics for Africa

About Us

Ilara Health makes common diagnostics affordable and accessible to the 500m people in Africa who today struggle to access a simple blood test.

The Problem

500m people cannot access a simple blood test

Doctors cannot offer diagnostics while labs are far away.

Too few doctors that are concentrated in cities

60% of the population is rural yet only has access to 30% of doctors.

No continuity in care

95% of clinics are run on pen and paper so doctors don't always have access to a patient's medical records.

Ilara Health's Solution

We partner with companies using robotics and AI to lower the cost of diagnostics, integrate their devices into our tech platform, and sell this bundle to doctors with financing.

Doctors can now offer tests directly in their clinic, improving the quality of care and growing their revenue.


AI and tech-powered diagnostic equipment

Our devices cost a fraction of what typical devices cost and doctors pay only 10-20% upfront with financing partners covering 80-90% via loans.


Faster access to the tests doctors need

Tests are completed in the doctor’s office with results available in less than 10 minutes.


Software to digitise the doctor's office

Our software layer links the diagnostic devices with an electronic medical record (EMR) system, records all patient history and sends customised health tips and reminders to patients based on their condition.


Our diagnostics as-a-service package provides five benefits to doctors.

Better Care

Can store patient records to ensure higher quality follow-up visits.

Fast Turnaround Time

Diagnostic test results in

Increased Patient Loyalty

Automated reminders, especially for patients with NCDs e.g. diabetes, increases returning visits.

Easy to Use

Doctors, nurses or laboratory technicians can easily operate equipment themselves with minimal training.

More Revenue

Can now offer a broader test range using affordable devices previously not available.

Business Model

Partner with Device Manufacturers

  • Source diagnostics needed by African doctors
  • Partner with companies using robotics and AI to create affordable diagnostics
  • Integrate devices via API into our tech

Sell hardware/software bundle

  • Focus on peri-urban and rural areas, where 70% of patients live
  • Install hardware & software in clinics
  • Doctors only pay 10%-20% deposit upfront; rest is financed

Charge per Test

  • Clinic pays for each test they run on the platform
  • Most devices are AI/tech-powered, so do not use reagents (higher margins)
  • Earn >50% margin on every test we sell

Make the Doctor Love Us

  • Our diagnostics grow doctor revenue
  • Roll out new services doctors want e.g. medication and automated patient outreach
  • Doctor continues to grow revenue while Ilara Health shares in doctor success


We are driven by the impact we can have on each clinic.

Accurately diagnose >2,700 patients each year
Diagnose >1,800 patients with non-communicable diseases each year
Diagnose >600 patients with anaemia each year (80% women)

Ilara vs the Competition

With Ilara Health, clinics increase their profits compared to using alternative solutions.

Buy standard lab equipment
Refer a patient to a lab
$300 deposit
(3 devices)
(Basic haematology analyser)
(20% referral from lab + some rapid tests)
10 mins
1-2 days
20 mins

Our Team

Founded by former entrepreneurs and investors with multidisciplinary skills in medicine, distribution, software and sales.

Emilian Popa
CEO, Co-founder
  • Hands-on company builder, investor and entrepreneur
  • Passion for Africa, 10+ years on the continent
  • Former MD at Rocket Internet
  • 10+ years of successfully launching, fund raising, growing, and exiting more than 20 technology ventures in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Russia
  • MBA from Columbia Business School/London Business School
Amaan Banwait
COO, Co-founder
  • Former GM of Werlabs UK, diagnostics start-up (includes CEO of Spotify as an investor)
  • Healthcare private equity at Abraaj in Kenya and healthcare drugs & diagnostics scale up at the Clinton Foundation in Uganda
  • Former consultant at Bain & Company
  • Ugandan/Kenyan heritage
  • MBA from The Wharton School
Hannes Eckmayr
VP Sales, Co-founder
  • Built 150+ people sales teams in difficult geographies in Africa
  • Operations & process expert
  • Former Sales Director at Pawame (Kenyan start-up) consistently exceeding aggressive growth targets.
  • MSc in Management from Luiss Guido Carli University and a BSc in Accounting and Finance from Vienna University of Economics and Business
Daniel Nordberg
CTO, Co-founder
  • Former CTO of, blockchain music platform
  • Former CTO of Hyperweek (now Elium), social network in Switzerland
  • Former Head of Software Development at Pawame (Kenyan solar venture)
  • Ethiopian/Finnish heritage
Dr. Matiko Riro
Medical Director
  • Medical doctor; practiced in Kenya
  • Former Medical Advisor for Africa Health Markets for Equity (AHME)
  • Consultant to World Bank, Lancet Labs, Kenya’s MoH
  • MD from U. of Nairobi; MSc from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; PhD candidate from the University of Bergen
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