What Is Cholesterol?

what is cholesterol?

Many people ask the question, what is cholesterol? It is an oil-based substance found in blood (though it does not mix with the blood, which is water-based) and in all cells of the body. It travels around the body in lipoproteins categorized as LDL and HDL. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is unhealthy or “bad” cholesterol. High-density […]


why we recommend the Fastep HB

The use of a point-of-care (POC) hemoglobin meter like the Fastep Hb is potentially economically advantageous and time-saving and may also be of tremendous help in critical care units where rapid and frequent testing is required

What is the PixoTest POCT system and How it Can Benefit Your Clinic

The Pixotest Point of Care Testing (POCT) system is proving to be the solution in integrating both portability and accuracy in a system Diabetes is a killer on the loose. According to WHO, about 422 million people are living with diabetes, and it’s among the leading causes of death globally. While type 2 diabetes is […]

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