Butterfly IQ is the first handheld whole-body ultrasound system. It is a portable ultrasound system with 3 probes in 1 (linear, curved, and phased) and with 21 presets installed. Urgent care clinics, telemedicine, and long-term care centers with elderly patients are areas that would benefit from the butterfly IQ. It uses an easy to manufacture semiconductor chip rather than the piezoelectric crystals used by traditional ultrasounds, enabling the same level of accuracy at a fraction of the price.

Through the TeleGuidance feature, exclusive to the Butterfly iQ, sonographers are able to offer ultrasound services remotely to facilities that have the Butterfly iQ device but do not have or cannot affordable a sonographer.

Reasons To Go For It

• Portable
• Easy to use
• Affordable in comparison to other ultrasounds
• Access patient scans on your phone or tablet anytime using the secure Butterfly Cloud
• Butterfly iQ’s handheld system makes ultrasound as accessible as a stethoscope
• It saves diagnosis time allowing for treatment to be administered sooner

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