According to WHO, two-thirds of the world lacks life-saving access to medical imaging services. The Butterfly iQ has been beneficial to test for pneumonia, which causes 15 percent of the deaths of children under 5 years old, to examine goiters, tumors and other difficult to assess conditions.

With recent events (the Covid-19 pandemic), the butterfly iQ has come in handy in testing for Covid pneumonia.

The Human Presets for The Butterfly IQ/IQ+


This preset is used to assess abdominal organs, such as the liver and kidney, to a depth of 25cm. It is also used for abdominal procedures, such as paracentesis or ECMO lines in the IVC.

Abdomen Deep

Abdomen Deep uses the fundamental low frequencies required to provide the depth of penetration necessary for abdominal assessments of up to 30cm. This curvilinear preset is typically reserved for technically challenging patients, such as high BMI or those with highly attenuating livers, as in hepatitis.

Aorta & Gallbladder

Aorta/Gallbladder uses imaging parameters which allow high-contrast imaging for these specific abdominal structures.

This is designed for optimal delineation of borders, and so is best applied in the investigations of AAA, CBD, gallbladder disease, cholelithiasis, and pericholecystic fluid—common investigations in primary care and the emergency room.


The Bladder preset has been optimized for the contrast and detail required for bladder assessment. The Field of View (FOV) is expanded to 120 degrees to enable broader visualization of the bladder to a depth up to 20cm.

This curvilinear preset includes the application of harmonic imaging for high resolution imaging. It provides the penetration necessary for visualization of the entire bladder, and the contrast resolution required to demonstrate the bladder wall with confidence.

This preset is best applied for the investigation of urinary retention, bladder wall health, urethral valve patency and prostate size.


The Cardiac preset operates with a high-frame-rate phased array, and uses fundamental frequencies to allow reliable real-time echocardiographic interrogation of cardiac anatomy.

This preset penetrates to 25cm, and is used actively by many bedside specialty clinicians in a diverse array of clinical environments such as the ED, ICU, Cardiology office and for peri-operative assessment in the PACU for global heart health assessment.

It can also be used for thoracic procedures, such as pericardiocentesis.

Cardiac Deep

The Cardiac Deep preset has an alternate optimization developed to provide imaging flexibility in assessment of different patient types. It features a higher resonant frequency and a harmonic component to offer a different look. 

Coherence Imaging

Coherence Imaging, located in the Cardiac preset, enhances the image by removing unmodeled acoustic reverberation and aberration (typically known as “clutter”) and improving contrast resolution for support of binary decision-making.


A popular preset that has proven helpful in the fight against COVID-19 is the Lung preset which has been optimized for demonstration of the pleural surface and lung sliding in the foreground, as well as A-line and B-lines throughout the 15cm field. 


The preset has been optimized for first trimester pregnancy studies and is particularly popular in Labor & Delivery, obstetric, and resource-limited settings.

OB 2/3

The preset has been optimized for second and third trimester pregnancy studies and is particularly popular in Labor & Delivery, obstetric, and resource-limited settings.

What a time to be a medical practitioner, right? With such progressive devices in the health sector, dispensing quality healthcare has never been easier. Are you convinced? Contact us to acquire a butterfly IQ device for your patient care facility.

Look out for the next article where we explore the remaining 12 butterfly IQ/IQ+ presets, especially the pediatric presets for lung,abdomen and cardiac. 

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