why we recommend the Fastep HB

One of the most frequently performed laboratory tests within a wide range of medical settings, from acute trauma care to chronic disease management, is the measurement of blood Hb. The Fastep HB is a diagnostic device recommended by Ilara Health.

Though the main reason for Hb screening is to diagnose or rule out anemia, regular monitoring of Hb is required to assess treatment efficacy, quantify blood loss, track disease progression, or monitor patients during medical procedures.

Devices currently available to physicians and clinical laboratories for measuring Hb are accurate, operate on small samples, and provide results rapidly. One such device is the Fastep Hb; a point-of-care hemoglobin meter. The use of the Fastep Hb is potentially economically advantageous and time-saving and may also be of tremendous help in critical care units where rapid and frequent testing is required.

“In Kenyan district hospitals nearly 15% of children with clinical histories indicative of malaria or anemia did not have their Hb tested”

Reasons Clinicians Should Use the Fastep Hb

  1. As a POC hemoglobin meter, the fastep Hb is a reliable, low-cost device for measuring Hb that would improve the diagnosis of anemia and help reduce wastage of limited resources on unnecessary treatments thus reducing the risk of complications that come with misdiagnosis.
  1. The Fastep Hb is easily portable; designed to operate in close proximity to the patient. In cases where there is a need for rapid and accurate measurement of Hb at the bedside, the fastep Hb is the perfect device. An example of such a situation is one where a patient is receiving treatment at home and not at a healthcare facility.
  1. Using the device requires small volumes of blood. 
  1. It will save clinicians time as it uses strips to test. The fact that it requires only a small amount of blood means a health professional will not have to take a lot of time drawing blood. 
  1. Support for this device is readily available. If you encounter errors with your device or are wondering how to clean and maintain it, you can call our support team or check the solution to your issue here.


Despite hematology analyzers being the gold standard for accurate measurement of hemoglobin concentration, they are often out of reach of most health facilities in resource-poor settings, thus creating a care gap. POC hemoglobin meters cover this care gap. Reach out to us if you are interested in purchasing a Fastep Hb for your facility.

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