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Not all patient care facilities have laboratory services in place. More than 70% of the patients seeking medical care from small clinics require further testing, and they are usually referred to larger centralized clinical centers for laboratory testing. Considering the long queues and congestion of patients already waiting for medical services, diagnosis, and eventual treatment ends up being delayed which may be dangerous in situations that require urgent medical attention.

This is one of the issues that Ilara Health Labs are trying to solve: improve access to timely, high-quality care where it is needed the most. By being strategically located within medical facilities in peri-urban areas in Kenya, Ilara Labs’ goal is to deliver affordable diagnostic tools based on the most advanced technologies. Our diagnostics cover: 

Advantages of an Ilara Health LAB with Respect to Patient Care Facilities

By having an Ilara Health Lab, primary care facilities are able to run tests, diagnose, and begin treatment under one roof thereby greatly speeding up a normally much lengthier process. One of the best examples is Kernan Hospital on Thika Road, where Ilara Health is supporting a level 3 hospital that did not have enough funds to build its own diagnostic lab. 

According to an Ilara Health lab personnel in the Ilara Lab team, quality and affordable diagnostics for better healthcare are a huge benefit to hospitals that partner with Ilara Health. “It is not uncommon to go to a clinic and get prescribed drugs without even being tested. This is an unorthodox practice that can lead to serious health implications. Lab analysis based on best medical practices are necessary for dispensing the right medication” adds the lab personnel.  

Above all, the patients are benefitting from having an Ilara Lab close by. They are not forced to look for laboratory services far away from home where services become highly pricey. All the necessary tests can be done at the primary care at their convenience. 

Especially during the current COVID pandemic, the patients can get tested for all the necessary pathological conditions (including COVID-19) without the need to go elsewhere. 

Tests Done at Ilara Health LABS

Lab personnel carrying out a test

At Ilara Health Laboratories, we carry out most clinical tests to allow clinicians to safely diagnose their patients. Our tests range from rapid tests for infectious diseases, macro and microbiology tests, hematology profiles, tumor markers tests, hormones, and special proteins tests. We also perform daily kidney function tests, liver function tests, ANC profiles, and COVID-19 testing.  Ilara Health Laboratories also collaborate with certified, highly trained radiologists to offer quick and accurate ultrasound services. Apart from the use of ultrasound during pregnancy and for the diagnosis of several pathologies, it represents an effective primary detection tool for breast cancer especially in low-resource settings where mammography is unavailable. We encourage all our readers to book an appointment as we gear up for breast cancer awareness month.

Want an Ilara Health LAB for your Facility?

Get in touch with Ilara Health and pitch your cause. Do not miss the chance to be part of a great team providing high-quality laboratory services and healthcare for all.

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If you need accurate results for your next clinical medical test, contact Ilara Health LABS on 0751 787 620 / 112 115 920 or visit us at any of our locations. Let us know what test you are interested in and we will book you for an appointment.

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Founded at the start of 2019, Ilara Health is a leading medical products and solutions company that equips healthcare professionals with the latest medical diagnostic tools to help them achieve the best patient, clinical and economic outcomes.