The success of Africa’s struggle against COVID-19 depends on the public health approaches we take. A fundamental approach has been and continues to be COVID-19 testing. Despite the vaccination rollout currently happening in Kenya, testing is still important. 

With the mass rollout for vaccinations currently ongoing in the country, many may ask, “Why continue advocating for COVID-19 testing?” While testing facilities are available, the cost of testing, however, has been an issue. This is why Ilara Health LABS was created: to provide essential and affordable testing for all. 

Why Testing is Still a Priority

Multiple studies have shown that people infect others before they themselves become ill. Early testing helps to identify anyone who came into contact with infected people so they too can take the necessary measures to ensure they self-quarantine. It helps us to stop the virus from spreading in its tracks.

The only way to know how well a vaccine is working is by testing. With the COVID-19 variants cropping up faster than scientists and medical health practitioners can keep up, testing has proven to be key, especially in discovering how contagious these new variants are. How else would we know if the vaccines are working? Only through testing.

When the World Health Organization came up with the risk-reduction measures of washing hands, wearing masks, and social distancing, the world was quick to adopt them in order to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19. Testing is one way of helping institutions assess the effectiveness of their COVID-19 policies. If cases are found to be on the rise, schools and offices may need to change their mask policies, enforce greater social distancing or boost their ventilation rates.

For groups that are together and herd immunity has not yet taken effect in the group, a targeted vaccination approach by organizations tasked with monitoring the spread of the disease is necessary. Without testing data that helps in developing a full picture of the epidemiology and the course of this disease, such targeted efforts would not be possible. Case in point, In Kenya, through COVID-19 testing, the Ministry of Health has been able to keep a count of rising COVID-19 cases per county. This data drives decisions made by the government like curfew and county lockdowns.

The COVID Rapid Antigen Test

The COVID-19 antigen test uses a swab to take a sample from your nose. The results are faster than other COVID-19 tests. While other diagnostic tests for COVID-19, known as PCR tests, look for genetic material from the virus, the antigen test looks for molecules on the surface of the virus.  

At Ilara Health LABS, the Covid rapid antigen test takes a short time, and results are received right away. This test is a point-of-care test which means the test can be done in the comfort of your own space by the laboratory technologists.

Where Can I Get Tested for COVID-19?

Affordability is a core value that Ilara Health strives to provide for clients and the larger community. Ilara Health LABS are pocket-friendly with results ready in no time.

Experts cannot emphasize this enough: Now is not the time to slack off on measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including getting tested if you’ve been exposed to someone who’s sick or you’re feeling ill yourself. Your health is your wealth, especially in this pandemic. 

Book your COVID-19 test now through our customer care or visit any of our two Ilara Health LABS located at Upperhill, 5th Avenue and in Thika for testing.

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