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Any conversation on public health is incomplete without a focus on improving maternal health; the well-being of mothers and infants determines health outcomes of the next generation and helps predict spending patterns, public health outcomes, and challenges for families and communities.

Globally, there is a push toward developing higher standards of care for mothers and infants, reflected in awareness campaigns for expecting mothers, nutrition-focused counseling for new mothers etcetera. In Mwiki, Haven Park Medical Center is known for the quality of maternal care they offer to the area residents.

Despite global efforts, the global maternal mortality ratio stands at a staggering 211 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births and the global infant mortality rate at 28 infant deaths per 1,000 live births. 

Life Expectancy

While life expectancy for new mothers and infants has slowly and steadily improved over the past decade, the picture of maternal health in Kenya is far from ideal, with the maternal mortality ratio standing notably high at 362 deaths per 100,000 live births and the infant mortality rate at 31.87 deaths per 1000 live births.

In an effort to begin improving access to healthcare for mothers and children, Haven Park Medical Center, a Powered by Ilara Health clinic, focuses on maternal health as a key priority area. 

The somber statistics for maternal health in Kenya represent a number of cultural, logistical, and service-side barriers that make access to healthcare difficult. For instance, while costs of service may have been lowered through government funding, the costs and means of secure transport to and from clinics are not accounted for.

Another significant barrier in the utilization of services is lack of enough female medical practitioners; mothers largely prefer women as nurses and doctors, and resort to at-home births given the unavailability of qualified women practitioners.

While Linda Mama has reduced the cost of care, structural inefficiencies still restrict the public healthcare system’s capacity to serve all mothers in need. There is an urgent need for comprehensive intervention that ensures integration of data among all tiers of the public healthcare system and one that builds on capacity.

Of the many ways to begin solving the problem of inefficiency, Ilara Health anchors its approach in providing common diagnostics to healthcare providers across Kenya and equipping its clinics, including Haven Park Medical Center, with tech-powered diagnostic devices needed for maternal care.  

Improving Maternal Health Through The Butterfly iQ

The best selling portable ultrasound The Butterfly IQ, supplied by Ilara Health is a portable ultrasound system with 3 probes in 1 (linear, curved and phased) and with 19 presets installed. More importantly, the Butterfly iQ integrates data collected on to a single cloud-based platform to prevent loss and fragmentation of patient information. 

Moving forward, improving maternal health outcomes will mean more than subsidizing healthcare. Instead, an integrative approach that accounts for cultural barriers and uses intuitive technology will create sustainable change by cultivating trust among expectant and new mothers and bridging the gaps between patients and providers.

For any maternity and antenatal care services, Haven Park Medical Center is fully equipped to offer these services affordably. Visit Haven Park Medical Center in Mwiki and experience quality and affordable care both during and after your pregnancy journey.

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