Now more than ever, it is important to keep a strong and healthy immune system

As the world moves through this global pandemic, we are faced with a host of complexities from job losses and pay cuts to closed economies. This in turn has brought about more stress for many. With many countries implementing lockdowns, it has meant limited movement and interaction amongst people.

Now more than ever, it is important to keep a strong and healthy immune system. But how can you boost your immune system? 

Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t need to be as expensive as people make it out to be. Making small changes regularly will make all the difference to your overall health during this time, and beyond. There are a host of lifestyle choices you can make. These include healthy eating among other choices. Let’s go through them. 

Good hygiene cannot be stressed enough

Apart from regular hand washing, the space you’re in should be cleaned regularly. Aim to clean your home at least 3 times a week, not forgetting to include wiping down your handles and light switches. When leaving your home to go pick up supplies at the store, ensure you’re wearing your mask and you have your hand sanitizer. As you return, take the clothes you’re wearing off and wash them straight away. This will reduce the chances of transferring any germs or bacteria. 

Monitor your stress levels during the lockdown

Whether it’s work, home, relationships, or even financial stress, many people aren’t coping well during this time. This of course contributes to a decline in your immune system. To minimize stress, ensure you’re getting enough rest, eating nutritional meals, and doing at least 30 – 45 minutes of exercise every day. Combining this with taking vitamin supplements will help keep your immune system strong. 

Ensure you’re eating a balanced diet

Eating healthy is important as it serves your health well. More than helping with recovery time after exercise, your skin, your stress levels, and your sleeping pattern, the benefits of eating healthy are endless.

Your plate should consist of a balance between vegetables, starch, fats, proteins, and fruits. Half your plate should consist of non-starchy vegetables. A quarter should be filled with protein and the rest with healthy starches and fats. Read more about a healthy balanced diet.

Ensure you are drinking at least two litres of water per day 

Around 60% of the body is made up of water. Dehydration can cause the following health problems:

  • Urinary and kidney complications
  • Seizures as a result of electrolyte imbalance
  • Low blood volume shock- which can lead to a drop in the amount of oxygen in your body
  • Heat injuries

Ensure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day as it helps cleanse your system of toxins. Drinking water also has a positive noticeable impact on our physical performance and brain functionality, and can prevent/treat headaches. Eat foods high in water such as fruits and vegetables. 

Get yourself a food processor, smoothie maker, or juicer

Fruits and vegetables are natural medicines. Investing in either a food processor, smoothie maker or juicer will be a game-changer. Moreover, a food processor cuts down your food preparation time, making meal prep quicker and convenient. 

The time is now!

There’s no better time than the present to start boosting your immune system. You have every opportunity to make the most out of the lockdown period and get yourself strong and healthy. Small changes regularly can make such a positive impact in the long run, and we hope you will begin today!

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